Aluminium Alloy Ingots | Steel Scrap Handling & Trading | South Africa
Aluminium Alloy Ingots | Steel Scrap Handling & Trading | South Africa
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Metlite Alloys was established in Cape Town in 1979 and have since grown steadily as the global demand for good secondary aluminium has increased. Metlite Alloys is respected in the industry for its high quality secondary aluminium alloy ingots produced in an ISO 9001 certified factory.  It is regarded as being one of the top 3 secondary aluminium alloy ingot manufacturers in SA. Most of our products are sold into the Original Equipment automotive component industry, which is one of the most demanding and dynamic sectors to successfully supply into.  We are Globally Competitive and export between 30% and 50% of our products into the European and Asian markets.

Metlite Alloys Port Elizabeth, was established in 1996 and handles and trades the majority of industrial aluminium scrap in the region and most of this scrap is sold to the Cape Town operation for the manufacture of ingots for the automotive industry locally or for export.  Due to our success in the aluminium scrap industry, we have also entered into the industrial stainless steel and high-grade steel scrap markets.

Distributors of certified Aluminium Alloy ingots manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory
Handling and trading of industry generated aluminium scrap, aluminium dross, industry generated stainless steel scrap
Handling and trading of high-grade industry generated steel scrap
Scrap Management and Maximisation
Exporter of Ferrous and Non-ferrous scrap metals
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